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Currently in the world there are thousands of problems to be solved, in different aspects and areas. Every year when there are elections in several countries and regions, the voters expect to find a candidate, which they want, in a period of their mandate to solve all the problems for which they are threatened. And so they begin to put all their hopes in this new ruler, they dream that this will end the traffic, corruption, pollution and other problems of the city.

Days, months, years pass and everything remains the same in most cases, then there is an accumulation of negative emotions in the population due to choosing the wrong candidate and different kinds of regrets are made, wishing to have chosen the opposition of the current candidate, asserting that he, if he had done better things. All this, becomes a negative circle not only for current population but for future generations.

But if, on the contrary, a more participatory role were assumed, asking us this question, what if, we changed?, Since many of the current problems have been caused by the actions of several ordinary citizens, which are followed maintaining, for example, the purchase of more and more cars, which increases traffic, bribes a policeman due to the fact that the requirements to drive a car are not met, garbage is thrown into the street and recycle.

The solution is not in a candidate, it is in you, in me, in us, we change our attitudes. Let's start with ourselves and be the change we want to see in the world, a small action may not change the world, but a set of small actions I'm sure it will.

If you are looking for the person who will change your life, take a look at your mirror. Anonymous

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