Los sueños son posibles. NO hay nada imposible

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Los sueños no son imposibles

Los sueños no son imposibles

Today, we live in a world in which "dreaming" is a remote activity for many of human beings. There are those who prefer to cling to what their eyes see instead of letting their imagination fly with ¨eso¨ that echoes in their hearts, in a few words, be realistic, and it is good to keep in mind the environment and circumstances that surround us but that it does not delimit your future and the capacities with which you were endowed at birth.

There are no impossible dreams, there are undecided minds !. Humanity was called to think big, to be in constant movement, to create, to innovate, to emerge, to leave legacies that serve as a signal to others who are more attracted. The great companies of theology, for example, or the fact that there are trips to the moon, were born as desires that became ideas and that only the risky, the brave ones took to the practice making them real.

Todos en este planeta tierra tienen sueños que creen inalcansables, pero en realidad no hay nada insalcansable, si lo puedes soñar, lo puedes tener! Porque en realidad, ese sueño o idea fue fuesto en cada uno antes de nacer, el creador del universo, el que diseño cada aspecto de nuestro ser, fue el artifice de lo que ahora sueñas. Los sueños requieren de cuatro aspectos o actidues: Creer , pasion, valentia y constancia.

Never stop walking forward, perserverar, fight for what you want because, no doubt, when it is achieved, it would have been worth waiting or trying transnocho nights, or what do you think the great inventors of history felt like? Albert Einstein when I created the "light bulb", or Bill Gates and Steve Jobs when they revolutionized the world of theology with the invention of computers or as today they are known as "computers"?

All of them dreamed, devised, were brave and persevered until they had before their eyes that one day they were born of their imagination and creativity. So dream, believe, and fight with passion and you will see fulfilled what you long for.

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