Youth for Change

Young women and men have the creativity, potential and the capacity to make change happen – for themselves, their societies and the rest of the world.

Now, more than ever, young people are mobilizing and coming together to demand that their rights be respected and opinions taken into account.

UNESCO’s Operational Strategy for Youth (2014-2021) recognizes this shift and the importance of investing in policy and programmes that enable young women and men to thrive. You can learn more about the strategy here.

UNESCO’s work with and for youth is committed to empowering young women and men and helping them work together to drive social innovation and change, participate fully in the development of their societies, eradicate poverty and inequality, and foster a culture of peace.

For more information about UNESCO’s work on youth click here.


NET-MED Youth (Networks of Mediterranean Youth) is an EU-funded project, which is implemented in the Western and Eastern Basins of the Mediterranean. The Project aims to contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for young women and men to develop their competencies, exercise their rights and meaningfully engage as active citizens, particularly in decision-making relating to political, social, economic, educational and cultural policy and planning processes.

Voices of UNESCO’s Youth

In this section of Voices of Youth, you’ll find stories, opinions and lived experiences of the issues tackled by UNESCO, direct from the young women and men in our global networks.

E-Commerce, Technology and the Commercialisation of Culture

The promotion of youth entrepreneurship is a policy objective for many countries. The very integrate...

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The power of youth in ensuring education for all

In Nigeria, millions of young people of all ages lack access to quality education opportunities. The...

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Shifting the narrative on education in Africa

As a child, I really struggled at school. Not only did I have difficulties with the curriculum, but...

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Working together for a culture of peace

Intercultural dialogue refers to the open and respectful exchange of views between individuals and g...

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Young 1ove - It's time to talk about HIV/AIDS

When I was six years old, my mother died of HIV but I was never told what happened to her. Even toda...

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