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Young people around the world are taking action to bring about the changes they want to see in their countries and communities. Plan International’s Global Voice for Change project wants to help connect you and other young people around the world to share, learn and act together to bring about more change on the issues you care about.

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1. Join our debates:

- Are young people really changing anything?

- What needs to be done for more students to succeed in school?

2. Read, share and comment on the blogs and videos below.

Act together

1.Show your support for this year to be THE year that girls' rights are realised and join the call for an end to gender injustice. #Girl4President

- Watch and share the millennium children video on school-related gender-based violence

- Watch and share Omar’s vlog which looks at sexual violence in Senegal schools

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“When I go back, I will do so many things to support my country”

My name is Vuni, I am 20 years old and I live in a refugee settlement in northern Uganda. Flee...

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Living in the world’s murder capital and fighting back with education...

Felix is a 20 year-old young man from El Salvador. There, he studies to become a social worker. In this guest blog, Felix is calling on world leaders to put the spotlight on the violence situation happening in his country, and to work with young people to find solutions. Studying at Univ...

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Peace Is Our Future; Get Us Involved!

I am an energetic twenty-one year old girl from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. I am now l...

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Girls step up to deal with crises

VICKY, 19, FROM EL SALVADOR "Violence exists everywhere in the world, but in my country, we hav...

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"We are agents of change"

My Name is Wantoe. I am 21 years old and I was born in Liberia. My own country, Liberia, endured...

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We will be the bricklayers of a future safe from gangs

Vicky is 19 years-old, she lives in El Salvador with her mother and shares her experience of viole...

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"There have never been so many young refugees in the world before"

Plan International Norway’s Youth Advisory Panel are campaigning in Norway about child refugees. L...

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Youth Supporting the Women and Girls at the Forefront of the Ebola Cri...

My name is Satta. I am 18 from Liberia and in my last year of high school. Liberia, a developi...

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Live Skype with International Youth Humanitarian Responders at YiHA Co...

The "Youth in Humanitarian Action Conference" (YiHA) took place from 31.03-02.04. It was about how...

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Two Years On: How Youth Triumphed in the Ebola Disaster

Two years after the West Africa Ebola outbreak, Kamanda blogs about young people’s participation i...

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