We need Science to protect Our Planet!

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We have to unleash the potential of science for a sustainable future!

We have to unleash the potential of science for a sustainable future!

"Did you know that every minute an area of about 50 football fields of rainforest is destroyed?" Yes, we all know!! We all have heard this phrase many times... and still, we do not spend our lives with saving trees. It is even worse: We stopped listening to phrases like this, they have developed to annoying everyday catch phrases. Whether they are true or not, it does not matter anymore...

Why is that happening? Approaching environmental issues is crucial, but emotional slogans have been overused in the past. We adapted! It was possible to stop global warming with pictures of cute polar bears in the past, but not today! We, - no -, the planet can not longer effort spending's on sentimental campaigns. Instead, we have to promote scientific approaches: It is the only way to solve global issues. "Climate change is global! No country can hide!" - a common slogan, but it's true: We have to tackle world issues as a united planet!

Who are the people that matter? Everybody? Of course! But still, there is the next generation. The victims. The youths and students around the world. We have to connect them in order to establish a vital attitude towards global issues because they have to find the solutions.

And solutions can not be found with emotional approaches - at least not more than making people aware of the issue. We have to use the minds of youth and students around the world to establish solutions to local issues and give them tools to benefit from a global community of similarly minded youths. You would never believe how many youths and students are willing to make a change, impact the world and face global issues - or maybe you are one of them?

To make the exchange of knowledge, tools, and inspiration possible and to enable to collaboration in a global youth network we created YPPO in 2016: the Youth Planet Protector Organisation with the aim to "Unleashing The Potential Of Science For A Sustainable Future".

The YPPO strives to unite youths throughout the world and to foster stronger scientific impact in current debates on global issues. Since the protection of our planet requires a fundamental understanding of the earth - our common ground - we encourage young people's innovative ideas and attitudes to approach environmental problems. Members of YPPO collaborate within our network to unleash the potential of local as well as international projects that raise awareness of the critical situation of our environment and develop scientific solutions.

YPPO has reached numerous young students all over the world already: more than 180! Our goal of scientific collaboration can only be achieved through a broad international network: We were able to connect different youths all around the world. The number of different nations our members are inhabited in has increased to an exceptional level!

YPPO was originally founded by Rami Aly and Fabian Schneider from Hamburg, Germany. They decided to take action and connect students with the aim to make the world a better place. They never expected such a vibrant network and are thankful for all the beauty that lies beneath our oceans.

Learn more about YPPO on the official website www.planet-protector.org or visit the Facebook page www.facebook.com/officialYPPO. Thank you being a planet protector!

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