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Just sharing a little story on a superhero way.

Just sharing a little story on a superhero way.

Jason never felt safe in school. For all the years he spent reading, writing and learning, not for a second he felt safe. Every day he saw what kids were going through because of the Bulls. The Bulls, the most terrifying gang of bullies around, guided by the one and only, Gabo McCoy, the son of the two most known mobsters in town. Gabo had failed the 12th grade twice this year, but he has never really cared. Gabo has never bothered Jason, in fact, he actually respects him because he is a good kid. Jason trains in Mixed Martial Arts for pure pleasure, just like Gabo, and the bully has seen Jason fight, between warriors fighting style, which he respects.

One Monday in late October with Halloween around the corner, Jason, his best friend Nate and his little brother Charles, saw Gabo passing with scratches on his face and a black eye. Word on the street was that Gabo was beaten at home by his parents, but this…this was a whole new level of abuse.

That week school was a mess, a "war zone" one would say. Monday, Michael was Gabo's first victim, he was hit straight up with a bare-handed punch that broke his nose and all his fingers in the right hand. On Tuesday, Mark was the next victim, left with a broken leg passing through the pizza corner. Wednesday Gabo didn’t show around school or town, it was a day of peace.

That night at every kid’s house their parents started to ask questions. Questions of what was going on in town. No one knew the person that the media was calling the Bone Cracker who was giving all these injuries to kids. Everyone in school knew it was Gabo and his crew, but there was some external force, some dark energy that was preventing everyone from saying a word, to stand up and ask for help, everyone was SILENT! Not a single sound about who was on a rampage.

Thursday started with a dark tone. The morning was cloudy and grey. The only good thing was that classes were canceled due to fumigation at school. Jason and Charles made plans to go to the movies with Nate and his sister Vale, given that there was a new hero flick and well, there’s no way Jason was missing it. A little insight on Jason is that he loves superheroes, the whole idea, standing for what’s right. What he loves more about it is that anyone can be a hero; you don’t need superpowers or money to be a hero, just got to stand up for what’s right.

“It's 15 minutes past the time we were gonna meet” Charles said, “where are they bro?!”

“I have no idea man, maybe they passed to buy some food, you know how Nate is” Jason replied.

Trying not to look very nervous, Jason looked at the last message his friend sent him, “LOL, almost on the spot ma dude! Give me a giffy”. Received 15 min ago.

It’s usual for Nate to be late, but not 20 minutes late. Without his brother to notice Jason pulled out his Snapchat map to check where his friend was. Nate was a block away, but right next to him was Gabo.

Jason told his brother to stay put, he’ll be back in a second. Running as fast as he could Jason started to look around town in every ally, every store, or crack on the wall to find his friends. Three blocks away from the movies in a dark ally, there was Nate, dropped on the floor bleeding. Against the wall, it was Vale, with three big guys hovering over her. Jason took a closer look on the guys and he recognized one of the hoodies, the one with the serpent on the right arm with the three holes on the end of the back. That was Gabo and his Bulls!

“What can I do? If I jump in, they are gonna take it out on me, I’m good how I am.” Jason thought, “ but if they beat the crap out of my best friend who knows what they are gonna do to Vale.”

At that moment Jason knew that if he looked for help it was going to be too late, but what could he do? He was terrified! How is it that everyone is just ignoring this? Anyone could do something, anyone! In that instant, Jason remembered, “anyone can be a hero”. He took ten bucks out of his pocket, went to a nearby store and grabbed a white mask and a white t-shirt. He left the money on the stand and quickly changed his shirt, put on the mask and his grey jean jacket again. Then he took his red training gloves that he always kept in his back pocket.

The masked teenager jumped in screaming “STOP!” with raging anger.

“What are you gonna do idiot? Take off that mask, it’s not Halloween yet hahaha!”

Even more furious, the masked hero said, “Stop this now Gabo, I have no clue what’s going on with you, but you shouldn’t take it out on the rest”

With a small tear down his eye and anger filling his every thought Gabo replied as he was running towards the white mask, “SHUT UP! You know nothing. I do this because I want to! Plus, how come I don’t know your name but you know mine? WHO ARE YOU FREAK?”

Looking at his enemy running towards him, instinct kicked in and with a flick of his foot, our hero kicked a metal tube that was laying on the floor and used it to trip and destabilize Gabo, making him drop to the floor.

“I’m Anyone and I won't allow any more of this rampage to keep going. I’m standing up to what’s right” Anyone left. An ambulance arrived to take everyone to the hospital and Vale talked to the police about what happened.

Later that night back in Nate’s hospital room, the two friends had a nice talk; Nate explained everything to Jason about how they got jumped by the Bulls.

“I’m glad you are okay bro, it’s just a shame we missed the movie,” Jason said while he was looking out the window.

“Thank you” Nate said “for protecting us, for standing up when no one else did”

With a surprised face, Jason looked and Nate and said “But? How? When?”

Nate just laughed replying “Dude, I've known you since the fourth grade. I know you are the only one with the guts to stand up for what’s right. Just letting you know that I want in when I’m better because it’s time that Anyone stands up to what’s right and we stop being silent”

Jason smiled, looked at the stars out the window and said “Okay.”

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