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(c) UNICEF/UNI197517/2015/Gilbertson

(c) UNICEF/UNI197517/2015/Gilbertson

Now, stop a while and think, but not inside your head. Inside the world, the whole world, not yours.

People need help, need care, need shelter, need you.

Not your money, not your job, not your home.

Your look.

Look at these people and make their cause, your cause.

Look at them, and think that this could happen to you.

Imagine, you in a hostile country, seeing war on all sides, you can't sleep because you don't know if you'll wake up.

Bombs falling on your head, falling into your mind and into your thoughts.

All this is happening and you are alone.

With people judging you and blocking your existence.

Imagine if you were a refugee.

We're all refugees from war.

Choose to be a helper and not be part of that war.

A look can change the world.

The solution to destruction is it,

Our look of peace.

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