Life is an illusion

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This is person optical illusion.

Free source: This is person optical illusion.

Life is an illusion, a visual illusion. Do you know what a visual illusion is?

Visual illusion is also known as an optical illusion which engages visual deception due to the collection of images, effect of colors, collision of light source, or other variables. An ample variety of confusing image effects can be seen in visual illusions.

You know what? Our life itself, along with the problems in it, is a visual illusion. We are being bluffed by our own thoughts and vision. The way we perceive something can be entirely different to its veracity. Things aren’t always the same as how we view them.

For example: Let’s find out what this image above shows.

Giving a glimpse at this picture, one might instantaneously observe a face of a man. Or possibly you saw something else earlier than me. Maybe you saw those historic trees, buildings in this picture, or a man in park walking towards something with a mind full of perplexity. So yes it’s an illusion. We can see many things in one picture, once we pay full concentration to it.

Our life is also an illusion and is jam-packed with troubles. As soon as a problem smacks us, many of us believe that we our ill-fated or every catastrophe happens only to us, but in reality it’s not like that. This happens because we are trying to unravel our problems in speed by giving it a rapid peek. Once you pay devoted attention to it, you’ll get to know that it’s an illusion. Endeavor to imagine and rectify that problem through diverse ways. It will facilitate you to discern new ideas, and you’ll be able to discover many things which you didn’t know before. Your perception will transform, once you begin thinking out-of-the-box. The dilemma itself contains a key, it indeed asks for attention which we generally don’t disburse.

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