Life Before Electricity

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Image source: Pexels

Image source: Pexels

It never crosses our minds when we reach for the light switch before entering a room. We are so absorbed in our daily agenda that we fail to notice the presence of electricity in our lives. Many of us are only aware of its absence when there are power outages in our homes. When the power supply returns, our lives go on as usual again.

Life Before Electricity

Electricity was invented when Thomas Edison discovered the very first light bulb. Electricity was a luxury back in the older days. It was mainly the rich and public facilities that had access to electricity. The majority of households used kerosene lamps and candles as light sources in the dark. The light emitted from these conventional sources are dimmer than modern light bulbs. People had to carry lamps or candles around the house to avoid fumbling in the dark.

Cooking Before Electricity

Prior to modern electric stoves, wood stoves were utilized by my households in the olden days. Cooking on the wood stoves was considered a laborious job. Wooden stoves were heavy and took a large space in the kitchen. Wood had to be chopped before stacking them into the firebox. The fire had to be monitored constantly as the temperature was uneven. Food could easily burn if the temperature was not controlled properly. Unlike electric stoves, wooden stoves created lots of soot which blackened kitchen walls.

Storing Food Methods Before Electricity

Before refrigerators were invented, people relied on conventional methods to keep their food fresh. The most common method that still exists today is the food preservation method. Fruits and vegetables were canned when they were ripe. They were cooked with sugar until they turned soft and became jams. Spices were used to preserve food which enabled them to last longer. Without refrigerators, people had to consume fresh dairy products on the same day it was purchased. It was a daily or weekly routine to visit local farms to get fresh food supplies. Besides that, iceboxes were used to store food so that it can last longer. Iceboxes were filled with various substances such as sawdust and zinc to create a cold atmosphere for food storage.

How People Entertain Themselves Before Technology Invention

The sources of entertainment were limited back before electricity was invented. Children would play outdoors with their friends and toys. Many adults spent their time reading, writing, sewing or playing sports. Without televisions or radios, people would watch live theatre or attend music concerts.

Heating and Cooling System Before Electricity

There were certainly no air-conditioners or heating systems in the past. People would rely on conventional methods to keep themselves warm in the winter seasons. Open fireplaces, thick wool sweaters and blankets were the main heating methods available. Without fans or air-conditioners, people would fan themselves and wore cool clothing in the summer. It was common for people to drink from public water fountains and to keep out from the summer heat.

Life before electricity was so different compared to our present modern world. Electricity has had a large impact on our daily lives. Tasks that were laborious in the past have become a simple chore nowadays. For instance, boiling a kettle of water required chopping firewood and loading it into the wood stove. In our modern lifestyle, we simply click the electric kettle switch to boil some water for a warm cup of afternoon tea. Although electricity has improved our lives in many aspects, it’s important to save energy to reduce the world ecological footprints and create a greener environment.

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