Ignore The News: We’re Not The Worst Generation

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A headline caught my eye recently. “UK millennials second worst-hit financially in developed world, says study”. That’s quite a lot to take in at once, particularly when I remember the last time I read something about my generation in the news. It was that we’re all lazy and can’t buy houses because we’re too attached to brunch.

Seriously. The reason I’m not a homeowner already is because I eat avocado on the weekend, not because I’ve been priced out of the housing market by demand for buy-to-let properties and I can’t save for a deposit because my rent is eye-wateringly high.

Reading about your generation like you’re a collection of data is heartbreaking because it fails to grasp what you’re really about. When I graduated, a respected college professor suggested I do the same thing that she did with her first wage. She bought a new designer purse that she still owns to this day. I politely ignored her advice and I booked a trip to Berlin, a place I hadn’t been before.

Maybe we aren’t busy racking up a quaint collection of things – house, car, pension – but we’re busy figuring out our lives and our place in the world. Oh, and yes, we really enjoy going out for brunch on the weekend.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate just how resourceful our generation is in the face of adversity? We might not be happy with the low earning potential, but we’re doing something about it. The article writes: “It also found that the pay squeeze on British under 30s was twice as big as the squeeze on those in their 50s”.

In the face of this adversity, young upstarts are starting their own businesses or even heading down the freelance route. We’re not adverse to the idea of a second job, a side hustle, or passive income. And we’re not being naive about our career paths either. We’ve seen what can happen to companies facing legal action.

Our businesses are above board and protected against any eventuality. We might not own our own homes, but we’re confident enough in our ability to choose the right Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for our needs. That’s more than I can say for some companies that were owned by older generations who should’ve known better. We never seem to hear the end of business bosses who have mismanaged their operations into the ground, from fashion retailers to airlines.

So while we might have lower wages than ever before, unsurmountable piles of student debt, and little chance of getting on the property ladder, can we just take a moment to appreciate just how resilient millennials are these days and stop calling us entitled?

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