How can we prevent Youth Unemployment?

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Unemployment has always been a major issue for both the people and the government. There are millions of youth that neither have jobs nor are pursuing higher education, which leads to uncertain futures and negatively impacts their long-term employment prospects. So how can we deal with youth unemployment?


This solution is an obvious one- more education leads to a better equipped and competitive workforce that is suitable for more jobs. However, education is a long-term solution for a long-term problem. It will take many years for the effects of making education more accessible to show. Governments can: reduce the price of higher education, subsidize skill training, and create incentives for public private partnerships to benefit young unemployed people.

Furthermore, the type of education received should also undergo a change. Instead of valuing academics, rote memorization, and grades, schools should begin to develop creativity, innovation, and co-operation- the traits that actually thrive in modern workplaces, to form employable and adaptable youth. To help close this skills gap, employers, schools, and governments need to begin matching training opportunities to job needs and provide space, information access, and trained staff to help boost young people’s skills and confidence. Youth need flexibility to survive in this constantly-changing environment. With high quality education that caters to the needs of the labour market, youths are better equipped to find a job.

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