Fighting 'Brain Drain': Youth Forum on Policy-making

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Free source: Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

2018 was a rough year for everyone around the world - from government officials and ministers who were pressed with threats from foreign powers, to solving burning issues on security policy and budgeting in order to open new chapters on the journey to the European Union, to citizens who organized protest walks in order to get their rights back.

Amidst all this, it is no surprise that the Balkan countries are still well known for "brain drain", when the requests from youth to make realistic changes, pertaining to law, budgeting policy, employability and many more, are often ignored.

Knowing that these problems exist, non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Serbia are doing their best to work on better solutions by giving opportunities and tools to educated young people. NGO's in other Balkan countries are providing internships, fellowships, educational workshops on employability, youth governance and many more. These initiatives are often powered by generous grants from European Union Institutions, embassies and Departments of States that are tiredly searching for new ideas on solutions to make young people's lives better in the Balkans.

There is also work being done by the Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization, one of the most influential youth policy-making organizations in Serbia. They organized the Youth Forum on Policy-making, one of the most important political events for young people in the Balkans area. On 6th December 2018 the forum gathered young activists, educators, policy-makers as well as government officials from the West Balkans area. There they developed new solutions for a better future.

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