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Free source: Photo by Lori Shaull on flickr

Free source: Photo by Lori Shaull on flickr

I am a 16-year-old girl living in a busy city: Mexico City. And after 16 years I have noticed things that I had never noticed when I was younger.

Do you remember that age when you thought that everything was possible? I remember, but now I see life in a different way, now I see some new boundaries and the main boundary I would like to talk about is gender equality.

My family fostered me to believe that men and women should have the same opportunities and that I should always stand up for myself and for my ideas whatsoever.

Recently I have been hanging out with some boys that I confess aren’t what we call defenders of gender equality. They feel that simply because they are men they are superior to women. It isn’t that they treat us badly, but sometimes they say things that I am absolutely against.

At first I thought they were joking, but these comments of making women less continued.

Today as I am speaking I regret the times when I didn’t say “that’s not funny” and put a stop to their discriminatory words and be taken serious. I know it was a huge mistake and that you have to give yourself respect from the start to be taken seriously and treated the way you want to be treated.

If you are going through a similar situation all I want to say is to have zero tolerance and make them respect you since day one.

We are in the year of 2019 and this shouldn’t happen, so instead of complaining about it stay strong and never let anybody make you feel less.

Girls, 5 years ago I was standing at a ceremony that gave me recognition for all my hard work at school and for my final average of 9.6. As I stood there I was accompanied by 7 other girls and 2 boys. That was the moment when it all hit me: woman are the future. Never let anybody pull you down, be strong and do everything you are passionate about.

Feminism isn’t the idea that women want to rule the world. No, all we want is to be taken seriously, have the same opportunities as men and be treated equally. That's why I say stand up tall with your head high that you were born a woman, because being a woman is a power.

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