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Being a woman is power

Posted no picture Daniela Falran , Student

no picture Student
Daniela Falran
Member since January 17, 2019
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I am a 16-year-old girl living in a busy city: Mexico City. And after 16 years I have noticed things that I had never noticed when I was younger. Do you remember that age when you thought that everything was possible? I remember, but now I see life in a different way, now I see some new boundaries and the main boundary I would like to talk about is gender equality. My family fostered me to believe that men and women should have the same opportunities and that I should always stand up for myself...


Posted no picture KomalSamrow

no picture KomalSamrow
Member since July 27, 2017
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  • Age 16

The mind of a fourth grader isn’t what one would call complex.I mean come on, at that point we’d done five years of Spanish and still couldn’t speak beyond “hello” or “it’s sunny” but it’s funny -You’d think they’d understand at least the english escaping their lips, that they’d have a hold on the language they’ve been raised on...- and yet it too is spoken in weathered fragments, seemingly impossible to piece together.You’d think that a fourth grader would see some daily familiar unfamiliarity...

The look

Posted no picture Ricardo Neto , Student

no picture Student
Ricardo Neto
Member since January 16, 2019
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  • Age 17

Now, stop a while and think, but not inside your head. Inside the world, the whole world, not yours.People need help, need care, need shelter, need you.Not your money, not your job, not your home.Your look.Look at these people and make their cause, your cause.Look at them, and think that this could happen to you.Imagine, you in a hostile country, seeing war on all sides, you can't sleep because you don't know if you'll wake up.Bombs falling on your head, falling into your mind and into your thou...

Life is an illusion

Posted no picture Amara Hanif , Future Psychologist & Content Writer

no picture Future Psychologist & Content Writer
Amara Hanif
Member since December 11, 2018
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  • Age 20

Life is an illusion, a visual illusion. Do you know what a visual illusion is?Visual illusion is also known as an optical illusion which engages visual deception due to the collection of images, effect of colors, collision of light source, or other variables. An ample variety of confusing image effects can be seen in visual illusions. You know what? Our life itself, along with the problems in it, is a visual illusion. We are being bluffed by our own thoughts and vision. The way we perceive somet...

Making sense of patriarchy and religion in India

Posted no picture Swetha Reddy , Women, Temples, India

no picture Women, Temples, India
Swetha Reddy
Member since January 3, 2019
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At a peaceful dawn, on January 2nd, 2019, two middle aged women entered the Sabarimala temple in the state of Kerala in India. What followed was a gruesome political, patriarchal, religious and consequential quarrel - basically, an earthquake. So why exactly would a simple act of two women walking a few yards in a temple to pray to a deity cause an EARTHQUAKE? Apparently, the deity, Lord Ayyappa, has ordered his devotees to disallow women of menstrual age from entering his holy shrine. A 'puri...

We step foot outside of our homes, every day, thinking we are returning back to our comfortable ambiances and sheltered atmospheres. Our homes and our interpretation of what makes them, differ from each person living atop of this planet, but many of us can collectively agree on the common denominator that we leave these solid safe-places in anticipation to return back to them at the end of a stagnant day. What if, one day, you leave your home and return back to it only to discover that your own...

We can all be heroes

Posted no picture Jorge Brtio , Volunteer

no picture Volunteer
Jorge Brtio
Member since January 14, 2019
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Jason never felt safe in school. For all the years he spent reading, writing and learning, not for a second he felt safe. Every day he saw what kids were going through because of the Bulls. The Bulls, the most terrifying gang of bullies around, guided by the one and only, Gabo McCoy, the son of the two most known mobsters in town. Gabo had failed the 12th grade twice this year, but he has never really cared. Gabo has never bothered Jason, in fact, he actually respects him because he is a good ki...

How to succeed in failure without really trying

Posted no picture Aida Serna , Industrial designer

no picture Industrial designer
Aida Serna
Member since October 5, 2017
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  • Age 26

Some paths you must walk alone. We all know that. We come to this world alone and alone we must go, or something like that. And the love you give, sometimes you might never get it back. And let’s not forget the world is full of injustice and anger and plastic that just won´t go away. I could write for days about the darkness there is out there or the hopeless void I sometimes feel I’m a part of. But in all honesty, who needs that? Did you notice how easy it is to just sink in it? Do you get wha...

Today, environmental awareness is not an option, but a necessity and its presence needs to make itself known in all areas of everyday life. The duties and responsibilities of parents and educators should be intertwined with those of global citizens so that the generation born after the year 2010 can live, work, and thrive on a sustainable planet.According to the Center for Science Education, the measures we take today do not guarantee a friendlier environment, partly because it may take years fo...

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