Imagine: you and your friends, passionately discussing an issue – be it the latest news, a new TV show or world peace – in a café, at home or under a tree. Suddenly you look at your watch – you can’t believe it, hours have passed without you noticing it!

Sounds familiar? We’re sure it does.

With the Voices of Youth discussion forum we try to replicate that feeling. Once every few weeks we launch a new hot discussion topic – everyone is invited to join the discussion and exchange their views and opinions. It’s ok to disagree, but stay respectful! Now…what did you want to say?

NEW DISCUSSION: Transitioning to Renewable Energy

How can we effectively transition from a fossil fuel run world to one run by renewable energy sources?


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Miguel Constantin Montes


What can young people do to achieve peace in their communities?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Young bosses

What are your tips for young entrepreneurs to start a business?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Climate change

What can governments do regarding climate change, and what can young people do?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Work work work

Is it possible to have a full-time job and study at the same time?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Women in the workplace

In 2017, why are women still earning less than men?

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What are your tips for telling what’s real and what’s fake on the internet?

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New Discussion: The perfect city

If you could design the perfect city or neighbourhood – fun, safe, green and for all kids - what would it look like?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Safer Internet

What is one tip you can share to remain safe online?

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NEW DISCUSSION: #ActofHumanity

How are individuals in your community responding to the refugee crisis? We are looking for inspiring stories, small or big, to highlight!

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If you had the power to change one unfair thing in your community, what would it be?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Religion & Peace

How can different religions coexist peacefully in one country?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Welcome, 2016!

What do you predict for 2016?

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NEW DEBATE: After Paris – What Now?

Will the Paris Climate Deal save the world from the effects of climate change?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Environment or Prosperity?

Should developing countries curb their CO2 emissions or focus on economic development?

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Terrorism and public opinion

Why does the public seem to care more about the Paris terrorist attacks than the attacks that happened in Lebanon the same week?

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New discussion: Refugee Crisis

What can be done to better integrate refugees in the country where they seek asylum?

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Climate: Who needs to act?

Whose responsibility is it to address climate change?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Chasing your dreams

What are the barriers preventing you from achieving your dreams?

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New discussion: Youth Action

Why are young people more inspired by international celebrities than local change makers?

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New discussion: Vaccines - mandatory or not?

Should parents have the liberty to choose if they want to vaccinate their children, or should it be mandatory?

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NEW DISCUSSION: Down with our borders?

All borders should be dissolved, no more nation states – do you agree?

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How are our clothes made?

How to be more aware on the origin of the clothes we wear everyday? Where can we find out more about this?

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New discussion: Juvenile Justice

In your opinion, what could be a good and efficient alternative to juvenile incarceration?

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Discussion: Supporting students to succeed

What needs to be done for more students to succeed in school?

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New discussion: Do politicians take you seriously?

Do you think politicians are serious about young people? What do you think makes them listen?

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Debate: Men & Gender Equality

How can men support gender equality and avoid discrimination against women?

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DEBATE: The (bad?) influence of music

Does music with offensive lyrics make young people more aggressive?

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DEBATE: Young people

Are young people really changing anything?

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Natural Disasters

Looking at the devastating impact that disasters had in recent years all over the world, do you think that your city/village is properly prepared for a major disaster?

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NEW DEBATE: Texting and Grammar

Do texting and short message services (SMS) have a negative influence on how young people master their mother tongue language?

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NEW DEBATE: Responsibility of the international community

The Syrian civil war will soon go into its fourth year and has resulted in an unprecedented amount of casualties. Why do you think the international community has so far not been willing to put...

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Freedom of Speech

Does freedom of speech mean that we should be allowed to say anything we want?

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DEBATE: Unpaid internships

More and more young people choose to do unpaid internships, hoping that more work experience will increase their value on the job market. In your opinion, is there any value in unpaid internsh...

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Racism in the 21st century

Racism is a known phenomenon in every country around the world – no society seems to be entirely immune to the problem. Considering that in the past months racist acts of violence have made increased...

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25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

In the last 25 years, the needs of young people around the world have changed a lot. If you were asked to join the committee drafting the Convention on the Rights of the Child today, what issues...

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On Social Media

Are social media increasing or dismantling social ties?

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Education in Emergencies

How can children/youth continue their education when their community is faced with a major crisis like war, natural disaster or an epidemic?

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School and Health

Kids & youth spend the majority of their time in school/university, so it is really important that these places should support healthy living. How does/can your school/university help childr...

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About Sports

Many countries spend millions of dollars hosting international sporting events, do you think it helps improve people’s lives?

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About Water

This debate is offered in partnership with 2iE institute in preparation for the Africa Water Forum in Ouagadougou, June 12-14 2014 What actions can contribute to a better management of water...

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About Corruption

Should corruption be ended or could it be useful or necessary in certain situations?

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About the quality of education

We often hear that educational systems around the world have a problem of providing quality education. In your opinion, what are the characteristics or concrete examples of "good" quality educat...

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On Advertising

Should marketing & advertising to children and youth via social media be allowed? WHY?

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Internet Safety

Restricting access to the Internet, is it the best way to make children and adolescents safer?

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Syria #NOlostgeneration

The conflict in Syria has been going on for almost 3 years. Everyday, children are missing school and are afraid for their lives. What can we do as individuals and/or organizations to stop this...

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Disaster Relief

What is the first and most important thing we should give to a country affected by a natural disaster? (i.e. Food? Money?) (Question inspired by Emilia Tiurma Savira Siahaan)

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Do you think students should have to make their HIV/AIDS status public in schools?

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Our Anti-Bullying Debate Question is Inspired from Salman Javed

Bullying has taken many forms and we may experience it in school and/or online. "What are some creative ways we can stop bullying?"

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The debate question for the next two weeks is from Lydia Muyu

"Exams are society’s methods of telling you what you’re worth. Should we let our exam results decide of our fate or not?"

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Girls’ Education

In your opinion, what are the most creative and innovative ways to give girls equal access to education?

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About Violence and the Media

Do you think that violence in the media influences acts of violence in real life?

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War and Peace

"Sometimes violence is needed to bring peace.” Do you agree with this?

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About charity

What do you think is more effective: donating to charitable organizations or to a person begging for money on the streets?

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International Youth Day

“Do you think days like the International Day of Youth are helping to address the challenges that youth face around the world? Yes or no and why do you think so?”

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Gender inequality

What are the worst manifestations of gender inequality in your country? How can individuals challenge this phenomenon?

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School & job market

Do you think that your school is providing you with the adequate skills to be competitive on the job market?

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